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Significance of Diya
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Significance of Diya (Earthen Lamp)


Diya has been an integral part of our culture, Indus civilization also has proofs in past using Diyas not only to lighten up homes but also to as part of all religious rituals.

Lighting of Diyas has broad significance in Indian culture. Diya represents the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Flame of Diya is always upwards which signifies the importance to move upwards even in all odd situations

Decorative and Designer Diyas has always been coveted by art lovers

Sparkle Crafts and Creations offers all kind of Diyas for every Occasions may it be Diwali, Interior Decoration for Own House / Gifting on Marriage / Anniversaries /House Warming Ceremony /Corporate Gifting/Gifting to Foreign Delegates/Gifting to Overseas Indians/Diwali





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